Genesis Charities of New Jersey, a Nonprofit 501C3 founded in 2006, is an organization dedicated to the philanthropy and development of both children and adults throughout the State of New Jersey. Genesis Charities is committed to serving New Jersey’s less fortunate, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Genesis Charities initiates and supports community–based programs to include but not limited to instruction in citizenship, communication skills, Information Technology, physical fitness. Through tutoring and mentorship’s we will cultivate long-term outreach and education initiatives that inspire and empower people to excel through challenging social circumstances. These programs and services make our organization unique in that its resources and efforts support the children, families and people of New Jersey directly and abundantly.

Benevolence of New Jersey envisions the effective fulfillment of its mission requires a vision based upon strategies, which the organization will exercise to respond to the various challenges of the communities in state. Provide support and services in such a way that the communities served reflect our involvement. Genesis Charities also envisions a future in which the health, education, and future of people are a priority shared by all communities. We believe children; families and individuals should be held in the highest regard and equipped with tools for life’s challenging journey. We see the day when community leaders, organizations and dedicated men and women, working together aggressively to instill good moral truths in our youth.
 • Genesis Charities can lead our state in implementing creative and integrated programs geared toward the development and enrichment of children and individuals.
 • Through influence and empowerment we will help bridge sociological and economical gaps children and individuals face through environmental impacts.
 • Sharing our mission, vision, goals and objectives in collaboration with other agencies and organizations will target unmet needs and avoid service duplication.
 • Children and individuals will understand their importance and sense of belonging to the community.
 • Provide professional and quality services to children and individuals through specialized support programs that are not always met through the local community.
 • Recognize and celebrate children’s and individuals achievements.
 • Develop adequate funding and resources to support the mission, pursue the vision and implement the objectives of Genesis Charities.

To inspire and motivate children and individuals through various outreach and partnership projects. Provide a communication conduit to assist neighborhoods and community projects in line with our mission and vision.
 • Engage children and individuals throughout the state in fostering self-improvement skills through agencies and local community needs.
 • Collaborate with various institutions that address community needs, as well as develop student academic, leadership, and citizenship skills.
 • Enhance the capacity of community groups through partnerships building to identify issues and problems of our youth.
 • Provide and support such programs as physical fitness, tutoring, money management and self-discipline.
 • Be visible and energetic leaders that children, individuals and families can rely on for various levels of support Objectives To accomplish its objectives the organization will continue to lead and foster constituency development with other organizations, institutions and individuals. It shall provide financial aid; grant scholarships, award prizes in various contests and achievements, organize charity events, conventions, seminars and concerts to broaden cultural and environmental exposure to volunteers and the community at-large.
 • Support childhood development initiatives and programs that will improve childhood education.
 • Provide tutoring to help children and individuals with school work or personal projects in a friendly environment
 • Foster the development of children and individuals by providing educational programs and tools for various grades, to include multimedia, information technology equipment, field trips and professional guest speakers.
 • Provide professional development training opportunities to the organizations volunteers in the areas of public speaking, youth and career counseling, conflict resolution, human behavior, physical fitness, team building and related areas.
 • Build a source of reference materials such as books, videos, tapes, internet, CDs and DVDs.
 • Develop a database to track and manage all of the organizations activities regarding involvement of the children and individuals.
 • Develop a website and toll free number where the existence and benevolence of our organization may be known.
 • Encourage children to think positive upon life and their future by empowering them with the desire to excel by providing early opportunities of leadership and team building.
 • Offer volunteer trainings for the community to learn about opportunities for involvement.
 • Give birthday or holiday gifts to foster children and individuals in the community.
 • Organize family-oriented events where the parents/ guardians may come together to support their children as well as others in the community.
 • Build public acceptance, interest and support for programs and services that promote the enthusiastic development and education of young children, adults and their families.
 • Sponsor youth education, professional training, and career development.
 • Raise Charitable Funds to support the organization via corporate and personal donations, fund raising events and other organizations.
 • Reach out to children and families in state custody for specific needs.

 • Lead by example and partnerships in various community support efforts.
 • Contribute to the consolidation of good will, unification, and the values of human civilization.
 • Facilitate exchange in liberal arts and sciences, education, and professional opportunities.
 • Promote discipline and physical fitness through martial arts and award through belt recognition system Genesis Charities is an endowed organization, which primary investments are gathered through donations made by organizations, private individuals and fund raisers. Its focus is to empower and enrich the public from all backgrounds. The organization is an independent and publicly supported charity.